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Old 04-13-2014, 01:51 PM   #101
Bolo Jr.
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HEB on Jones had it for 2.49/lb live yesterday.
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Old 04-13-2014, 05:34 PM   #102
Nemo me impune lacessit
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I went to LA Fisherman recently and the service was terrible. The Crawfish were alright, they were hot but they didn't have a whole lot of flavor and they were overpriced for their size, even with the price influx thing going on right now.

But like I said the service was terrible and our waiter was rude. We waited 15 minutes to put a drink order in, which is kind of ridiculous even for a packed restaurant. The big thing that pissed me off was when my wife asked if our beers were going to come out soon, the guy said "you didn't order any from me" to which we replied we did..... 20 minutes ago..... and he went on to basically call us liars. The guy was a d-bag and almost got the shit slapped out of him... Anyhoo, HI'ers be warned.

-They don't split checks
-Mediocre food
-Bad service
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Old 04-13-2014, 06:45 PM   #103
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You must have gone to the one at beachnut and the beltway.

I'm at the concert pub and am trying out their bugs tonight.
Will update.
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Old 04-13-2014, 08:09 PM   #104
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I was surprised. I was expecting ragin Cajun shit but nope. Me likes I likes.
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Old 04-13-2014, 09:30 PM   #105
becoming a regular here!
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I should have avoided crawfish on a Friday since its that no meat bullshit so it's pack as fuck everywhere
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Old 04-15-2014, 08:18 AM   #106
I <3 CK!!!
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Went to LA crawfish inside Ranch 99.. Waited 20 minutes to get to the front of the line and they said, "the manager said we cant take crawfish orders for 15 minutes so you can order something else and go to the back of the line and order crawfish when the line is gone".... He proceeded to say this to everyone else in line as well . Terrible way to handle business IMO. Will not be back.

Crawfish cafe inside HK4 - Great service, flavorful, size was medium, BYOB, $7.99/lb
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Old 04-15-2014, 08:30 AM   #107
I<3( . )( . )s
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That's dumb. Should've just informed you that there be a wait for crawfish if that was the case and then allowed you to order some if you chose to do so.

I think I'm going to go get some crawfish this weekend. Was planning on going Sun but I was feeling super lazy.
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Old 04-15-2014, 12:06 PM   #108
fly highhh
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Finally found a decent crawfish place on my side of town southeast!
The Crawfish Spot in the same center as the new hong kong 5 on airport(nearhobby).

5 lbs crawfish - get there signature sauce blazing cajun, tangy and spicy(have garlic butter and other flavors also.

Boudin balls- crispy on the outside good rice chew in the inside! with orangemayo dipping

bads- sometimes they dont have things on the menu ie oysters, and run out of corn when i went. only 3 waitresses there but it managed, service might be a bit slow at times. but we got serve by the hostess she was very nice and helpful!

good prices at 6.99 lb big size crawfish to med! drink prices are normal they have micheladas and normal beers on draft
If you like crawfish cafe you gonna like this for sure. If you on the SE side of town hit it up!
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Old 04-15-2014, 01:13 PM   #109
becoming a regular here!
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6.99!! Same price as la crawfish it better be good

But might hit it up see whats up

Oh. Tuesday and thrusdayy 4.99lb at jackie brickhouse in kemah
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