"Gr Super Sports concept" released with the hybrid technology forged in wec

The world first released "Gr Super Sports concept" in Tokyo Auto Salon, which opened today. The concept of the concept of "Ts050 Hybrid" in the 24 hours race and wec.

In the flowing and new form, the v6 twin turbo charger and Toyota Hybrid System Racing are built in the actual battle.
With a combination of high efficiency ev systems and a dilution engine, we aim for the next generation super sports car with the ultimate power and environmental performance of 1000 horsepower.

Also, in Tokyo Auto Salon, the "test car" will also be displayed with the vehicle 'GR SUPER SPORTS CONCEPT'.
Please take a look at it

Shigeki Mountain - Gazoo Racing Company President
It is not to create a sports car, not to build a sports car, but in various restrictions, how to put it into an commercially-available car in various restrictions, or to challenge toyota gazoo racing. It is positioned as manufacturing.

And there is a completely new challenge for Toyota to build a sports car from an active racing car.
In fact, it is still time to take the steering wheel, but we would like to feel this gr Super Sports concept, which we aim for.

At the end of last year, when I announced that I would continue to participate in wec, the president toyoda has been born for 100 years after the car has been born and the car industry has a big change in the next 100 I commented that I have been enjoying my car for years.

And at ces in the first year in the United States, the new mobility,"e palette concept" has been introduced as a public share.

The Gr Super Sports concept, if the e palette concept is the next-Generation Wagon, I think it is a personal, charming, and most seductive horse.
However, these two concept models are both an electric car, and perhaps they will be safe, friendly, and connector, with the cutting-Edge Technology Technology.
In the future, if the car's electric and it accelerate, there are many different forms, including the middle of this polarity, and the car will never be commoditization.

And further, the human desire that I want to move freely in my own will, and I want to move more quickly than anyone, and I want to move beautifully, is an immutable thing. People's emotions are rich and alarming.
For the next 100 years, Toyota gazoo racing challenge is still just beginning, but for your smile, it's a good time for the future of car industry to make it a good way to make the car. I'd like to go. Thank you for your support.
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