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Thread: Ford Mustang Crashes Into A Crowd Of Spectators In California

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    Ford Mustang Crashes Into A Crowd Of Spectators In California

    Ford Mustangs and their owners are known for crashing at Cars and Coffee, crashing on the street, and crashing on the track. I have little doubt you know what's coming next as, shockingly, another Mustang has crashed.

    Jalopnik reports the latest incident occurred in California and as you can see a Mustang Convertible was doing some donuts when the driver lost control and slammed into a crowd of spectators.

    It remains unclear why the driver lost control and didn't apply the brakes until seconds from impact. Regardless of what happened, the crash knocked several people to the ground and the enraged crowed descended on the Mustang in anger.

    The resulting video isn't pretty as the crowd attacks the Mustang as most spectators appear more concerned about recording the accident on their smartphones than calling emergency responders to attend to people who might be injured.

    When the police eventually arrived at the scene, the crowd dispersed. However, police are now likely using the plethora of videos to help track down those involved.

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