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    That Toyota and BMW work together on a sporty duo is already known. The cars, which may be called Supra and Z5, are likely to look like this!

    BMW and Toyota are currently working together in hybrid technology and diesel engines. That's smart because, while the Japanese are busy with partially electrified driving lines and in the field to be the world's top, BMW's diesel engine is getting more and more fine. Also, when it comes to fuel cell technology, the two companies are looking for each other, but the collapse of cooperation is the duo that can be seen on these pages prematurely.

    The name "Supra" says it already: this Toyota is a serious sportieveling. With its rear-wheel drive, long nose, short butt and specially-shaped roof, there's a car in the Toyota showrooms that has to revive the times of earlier Supra's, MR2's and Celics.

    The appearance of the car is inspired by that of the FT-1, a concept car that was presented on Detroit's auto show in 2014. The specially shaped nose and double bubble on the roof return to the production model. With his luscious lineup, the Supra is a real imagomaker for the Japanese. Despite the GT86, the brand with many car enthusiasts still has a somewhat dusty, sensible image. That's the reverse side of the basically amazingly functioning hybrid technology, which gets into hands in each other's hands. With the Supra, Toyota shows that the theme "driving pleasure" has not been forgotten.

    Although a hybrid variant is unthinkable, four and six-cylinder petrol engines seem to be a more logical step for the two-seater. If Toyota wants to honor the name 'Supra', it can not be beneath a (double) blown V6. V, indeed, because the Toyota and BMW use their own power sources in the Supra. In the walkways, powers of 192 and 340 horsepower surround, which would at least be heard by the call for appealing performance.

    The fact that engines are not shared is also good news for BMW enthusiasts. They can now enjoy the so-typical six-in-line sound exclusively. In the Z4 sequel, this is especially good, because the new model will be a roadster. Both the Z3 and the first Z4 have coupé versions, but they have always been a lot more rare than their open brother. The current Z4 lacks such a dense variant, because this version is considered unnecessary due to the hard hit roof of this roadster. The Z returns the traditional fabrics.

    V shape
    Outstanding matches with his Toyota brother are hardly any, only the windshield and exterior mirrors match. The Japanese and Germans also assemble their own dashboard and furniture. The basic shape of both cars, of course, has the necessary similarities: BMW's next Z model also gets the traditional sports car silhouette with a long nose and a short ass. Striking style features of the Z5 are the headlamps, which are in a strong V-shape relative to each other and are positioned very high in the front. Behind that striking front are, of course, not only six-in-line engines, but also the four-cylinder we know of other BMW models. Expect, like we are used to BMW, a whole range of engines, ranging from power 200 to 300 hp. Whether there is an M version in the container is not clear yet. The 'regular' versions, like the Toyota Supra, are likely to be in the showrooms of both brands in 2018. Before that time, however, there will be more and more information about this lovely sporting pair.

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