Working on building a drag toy with an LS swap and eventually a turbo. Here begins the thread for it. my hope is to have the project running and driving for ~3000 and im on pace to meet those numbers. with turbo stuff i expect to be closer to 8k. im following the sloppy mechanics dont bs me build nearly to a T.

Picked up this 01 suburban for 300 bux and 120 to tow it home. unfortunately it had been the victim of arson... According to the old timer that i bought it from, his 19yr old grand son drove the burb over and parked it blocking access to the back of their property. He asked him to move the truck and this was the most insulting thing the teen had ever heard so in defiance he set the interior on fire. upside is the fire department was fast and put it out before it spread too far and the 5.3 under the hood appears to be in perfect condition which is good for me cause thats the only piece i want.

Here she is in all her glory