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Thread: PLEASE READ: Rules and Guidelines for Racing Stories

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    PLEASE READ: Rules and Guidelines for Racing Stories

    Welcome to Racing Stories.

    We hope you enjoy your posting here. There are, however, a few rules and guidelines we would like for you guys to abide by. We are nice. Although we could, we don't Nazi you around. I believe that is why we have a good amount of traffic that comes through this forum and I would like to keep it that way.

    Here are the only guidelines you need to know:

    No Threats, No personal attacks towards other members (ie: Racial comments, sexual comments, and so on)

    No posts about personal fights/issues between 2 or more members with the intent to harm another physically or mentally. If any of these are broken you are immediately warned. We will not tolerate this type of childish behiavior. If it happens again, you will be banned. This isn't a talk show, it's Racing Stories. So take your personal business elsewhere.

    Always think before you race. does not condone street racing in any form or fashion.

    And here are the rules you need to abide by:
    • No whoring our forum. This forum is for racing stories, callouts, and racing videos ONLY. This is NOT a forum to make a thread about meets or discussions. I do not want to hear about how you saw this person on the highway or drove by Jack in the Box, saw some hot chick with a H-I sticker and wanted to say what's up. Those pointless threads will be deleted immediately.
    • NO threads arranging for racing at meets or fun runs will be allowed here. They will simply be deleted without warning.
    • NO locations are to be posted, no street names, highway names, etc... keep it across the border...
    • There is no page limit on threads. However, if a thread begins to drift off topic, we will give one warning, and then the thread will be locked. Don't PM us harrassing us about our judgements on moderating a thread. I already said we are lenient so don't push it.
    • This forum is not your personal chat line. Any 'AIM' or 'PM' style conversation will result in a locked thread.
    • Beware of the trolls , they are very lonely and starved for attention. Enter into discussion at your own discretion.

    With all the official stuff out of the way, I wanted to say this is a tough forum. Clean the clocks of any member(s) worth telling how it is... But stay in the rules and guidelines, have fun, and remember we are members too, so if you have something to say, bring it. If you talk the talk, be prepared to walk the walk, or your time here will be short-lived.

    Wally & Friends
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