View Full Version : need general contractor..

01-13-2010, 09:14 PM
We have a building about 3800 SQFT that needs to be brought back up to code. its been abandon for about maybe over a 1.5 years.

we need electric to be ran in various areas and floor leveled.
We need 3 big central AC units fixed, all the copper piping as been riped out of the AC's units and maybe various parts in the building.

there maybe a few other things that might need to be done. I dont know most ofthe details i just know the main things that need to be done.

i will take you to the building and i will show it to you or someone to see what all might need to be done. I need this done for a good price if this is getting fixed by one person or various individuals that are fixing separate things.

LMK what you guys have, got and can do.

PM me for a faster response.