View Full Version : cannot get shock back on 01 civic

12-22-2009, 05:53 PM
traded for a 01 civic, ive dropped civics and tegs more times than i can count but have never done this new setup on the 01, it had shitty lowering springs on it and i want back to stock for a daily, i got the pass front shock out, changed the spring and HOW AND THE HELL DO YOU GET IT BACK ON? trying to force the LCA down pulled the cv joint apart at the tranny, not out of the tranny, it split the casing. so now.....is there a step i missed on these new shocks? should i have popped the tranny side of the cv out first? And now that the Cv knuckle has come apart is that fixable?? I just cannot get the shock back on without pulling the cv joint apart, and then it STILL wont go back on