View Full Version : How to: bleed brakes on IS250

10-02-2009, 01:50 PM
What is the order to bleed the brakes on an IS250? Anyone?

10-02-2009, 06:34 PM
you usually start furthest away from the mc and work your way to the shortest brake line path

10-04-2009, 04:02 PM
Rage is correct, but becareful. Some of these higher end cars have to have special brake bleeding procedures using a specific scan tool. I'm not sure if the IS250 needs this procedure or not. Doubt it since it's only a 250. I know the GS's do.

mustang 5.0
10-25-2009, 02:12 AM
yeah you 2 guys are right cause alot of common cars are just the z pattern to bleed the brakes cause i worked on a lexus rx550 and when i was done the abs light came on and i had to clear it with a scanner