View Full Version : Noob Q - how to adjust coilover thats 2 way adjustable A-arm style car?

08-16-2009, 12:36 AM
Sorry if this is noob question but I've never had the luxury of two way adjustable coilovers. I've owned tein cs-t in the past and they were only 1 way adjust via the spring rate/tension collar.

My new set are 2 way adjustable, 1 is via spring rate collar and the other is at the bottom moving the shock body up and down.

I have A-arm style suspension and was wondering how can I adjust the coilover via shock body up without removing the camber bolt and twisting the lower part of the coilover? <--- if this is the only way I should have saved my money and bought 1 way adjustable coilovers.

If I loosen the lower nuckle can I just grab the shock body with my hands and twist the hole thing?

My car is an es300 but I know A-arm is pretty much on a lot of cars so I figured I would try to keep it generic.

08-16-2009, 01:01 AM
I'm sorry stupid me :hsrun: the lower part of the coilover is attacked to the LCA.

I basically do not want to mess with spring load and I"m trying to figure out how to adjust from the bottom without removing it from the LCA

Coilovers are Ksport but can't find a good diagram to show