View Full Version : pulling and rolling your fender with a phone book........

06-26-2009, 06:17 PM
but of course you need to have air suspension to raise it up and down. i found this quite interesting. I found this on CL. i too scared to try this with my car lol. Anyways his final product turned out nice from the looks of it!

what you guys think?

Well I gotta around to putting my new spacers on and did some more pulling in the rear . I think I'm happy with the new stance. I used the yellow pages first for the pulling and then on to the good ole rubber handle on a hammer I had laying around while using the air switches = force pull :D


Thanks fellas, Hey Schnitz the phone book thing is pretty simple if your on bags just open the phonebook up and stick between the fender and tire , then lower your car to force the fender away from the tire :thumbup: And the good part about it I can actually drive like that because I never shaved the upper part of my fender so by force pulling them they kinda concave on the inside