View Full Version : JDM "Baby on Board" stickers

03-05-2009, 12:01 PM
It's JDM, yo!

Are you so JDM that you need a "JDM Baby on Board" sticker for your kid? well, we thought so.


"JDM Baby on Board" are sold as singles at $5.00 each,

(price includes taxes, shipping is $1.00 more)

Available in color only (as shown)

2.5" X 6" is the standard size.

How to order:
1. Paypal - glilly@swbell.net ...be sure to include what it is your ordering, what color(s), how many, and your current shipping address
2. Pick-up at Underground Graphics (...and save a buck on shipping!!)
3. Pay by credit card by phone (Visa/MC only) $10.00 minimum.

Greg Lilly
Underground Graphics
8616 Daffodil, Suite B
Houston, TX 77063